Head Catch and Maternity Pen

Crowding Tub
Custom Livestock Equipment

​All livestock handling equipment can be built to your specifications either in the shop or at our location.  Please call Crazy Mountain Fabrication at 406-930-1973 to get prices for your custom job.
Crowding Tub's can be built with 8', 10', or 12' gates.  
Loading Chute

​Heavy Duty​, Loading Chute on skids or wheels.  Cat walk on both sides, and gates on both sides.
Maternity Pen with Head Catch or without the Head Catch
Adjustable Alleyway
Calf, Sheep, Pig, or Goat Shed

Sheds are made out of super steel
and pipe.
Sheds vary in size, call Travis to talk about your specific needs.​​​​

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